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This site offers a secular and comprehensive community-based pornography recovery program which helps porn struggling people connect with a very supportive community of co-strugglers who are determined to escape the bondage of compulsive sexual addictions. It is widely known in the US and internationally.

Dr. Trish Leigh gives you the knowledge, tools, and expert support to succeed in leaving porn behind for good. This comprehensive program is filled with science-based strategies, techniques, and tools so you can build a life of dignity and integrity for lasting success. Your brain rewire is an incredible, personal experience.


An excellent animated series exploring the Neuroscience behind Porn Addiction and how to overcome it. Based on works of Gary Wilson.

Founded by Gail Dines, the world’s leading opponent against the pornography industry, this website offers extensive education about the topic as well as excellent tutorials for parents seeking to help their teens deal with media and pornography.

Cofounded by Andrew Doan, MD, PhD – Medical Doctor & Neuroscientist and Julie Doan, RN – Mother & Family Advocate, Real Battle Ministries is  a first-class, science and spiritually-based supportive website with the following mission: Educate, Encourage, and Support parents and children wishing to limit digital media.  This site offers numerous links to scholarly articles and additional resources for treatment and support. It is the best supportive website I have reviewed.


This website offers women, particularly Christian women, who are struggling with porn addiction very helpful resources and support.

This three-part series is a superlative documentary on the impact of pornography on its consumers. It drives home the point that pornography is connected to declining relationship satisfactions as well as various forms of exploitation.

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