Co-founded by Dr. Andrew Doan, M.D., Ph.D. - Medical Doctor and Neuroscientist and Julie Doan, RN - Mother and Family Advocate, Real Battle Ministries is a first class and spiritually-based website with extensive education and treatment ideas.

Co-founded by Dr. Hilarie Cash, Ph.D. and Cosette Rae, CEO, reSTART specializes in behavioral addictions, Internet Gaming Disorder video game addiction, gambling, and excessive social media uses.  reSTART offers in-depth residential treatment intervention for youth 13-18 experiencing media addiction and co-morbid disorders. reSTART is the best inpatient facility in the country. 

Dr. Dunckley's excellent website offers and excellent video of her explanation of the impact of media addiction and her rationale for her media reset as well as details on how to implement the reset. Outstanding resource!

Founded in 2002, On-Line Gamers Anonymous is a 12-step self-help group. This website is a goldmine of supportive links to numerous resources. 

Launch House offers full mental health services for adults and adolescent, including the attendant mental health issues that many young people fact today to include residential digital detox services.

Culture Reframed was founded by Gail Dines, the world’s leading opponent against the pornography industry. This website offers extensive education about the topic as well as excellent tutorials for parents seeking to help their teens deal with media and pornography

This excellent short paper by Dr. Andy Doan,  top world expert on electronic media addiction, captures the risks and benefits of gamine and gives some very helpful guidelines and recommendations.